SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS Welcomes The Lifestyle Concepts


No event is complete without good eats and SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS promises to be no different. The organizer’s welcome aboard The Lifestyle Concepts as the official F&B partner for the event in October.

That name might not be familiar to you but the lifestyle consultancy company happens to be the brains behind some of Singapore’s most popular local dining options. From Jubilee, a vintage-themed coffee house and bar, to Contemporary Melting-Pot & Bar (CM-PB), a fused Café-Bar-Bistro set in a bungalow, the company has developed numerous and notable dining options. Other lifestyle concepts they have brought to Singapore include weekend activity hub for the family the Singapore Wake Park (SWP), its associated restaurant Costal Rhythm Café & Bar as well as The Coastal Settlement (TCS), which brings the coastal life to you.The Lifestyle Concepts

On the docks of Raffles Marina, The Lifestyle Concepts will incorporate various elements in its repertory for all to enjoy. With a mobile caravan churning out speciality drinks like cider slushies, an afternoon tea buffet, a live acoustic act that serenades guests as they soak in the sunset, The Lifestyle Concepts will provide a relaxing atmosphere.The Lifestyle Concepts

Apart from the numerous dining options, The Lifestyle Concepts will also be bringing in Vespas and classic cars to be on display. One highlight is the famous 1961 Morris Minor (above) that is now a colorful art piece thanks to Singaporean artist Chieu Shuey Fook.

Join us at the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS from October 20 to 23. Book your tickets at SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS official website.

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