Styljoux Reveals New Luxury Super-Pens


The new Super-pen brand Styljoux, founded by Lunal Giumali , the man behind the popular website, brings innovative pens to the table that employ the mechanisms and technology of the watch world. Yes, like super cars, super yachts and, to some extent, super watches, these pens are designed to celebrate the absolute best in craft.

The weight adjustment mechanism of the Le Calibre

The brand boasts two collections, named Le Calibre and Flamingo, both luxury writing instruments of course. The first is a sporty instrument that allows the user to shift the weight of the pen to ensure maximum comfort. To switch the weight of the adjustment mechanism, all one has to do is twist the ring on the top of the barrel. This action causes the oscillating weight to glide up and down, changing the centre of mass. The weight of the barrel is indicated on the watch-like dial on the outer edge of the pen. There are two hooks that lock onto a precision-cut groove on the inside of the cap, controlled by two pushers on the barrel. The pushers and the barrel rest parallel to each other when the cap in in place. This ingenious method of attaching and removing the cap is an elegant method of transforming a simple pen into an innovative instrument.

Flamingo Selection
Flamingo Selection

The second collection, Flamingo, is considered to be more classical than the first. Don’t be fooled by the sophisticated exterior that makes it look like any other fine classic pen. Should you ever lose your precious Flamingo, fret not because the pen is equipped with a proximity alarm that is connected to your phone, leaving you no excuse to misplace such clever instrument — unless you lose your phone too, of course. The pen even comes with three different closing mechanisms, namely screw, pushed and vacuum held. The only other thing left to do is to decide on whether the clip should be fixed or hinged. The writing instruments are available in several casings made of hard resin, titanium, carbon fiber, ceramic, steel, magnesium alloy and many more. Those itching to get their hands on more advanced models can look forward to those made of sapphire that can set you back over £50,000.Le-Calibre-Sapphire

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