Huus Hotel, Switzerland Opens December 2016


Some hotels may boast the finest amenities with luxurious interiors but few can truly feel like a home away from home. At the Huus Hotel in Switzerland, slated to open at the end of this year, the concept is what makes the hotel so special. Even its name stems from the Swiss-German word for ‘home’.

This hotel combines themes that focus on comfort, adventure and taste to give guests a stay that will simply have them torn between snuggling up on that oh-so-inviting bed and exploring the areas around the hotel. Situated between Schönried and Saanen, the 131-room hotel will offer views of the Alpine peaks, waterfalls and high moors. “At the heart of Huus Hotel is our sentiment “come up, slow down””, says Günter Weilguni, CEO of Huus Hotel. “Guests will find themselves back to serenity, back to an active immersion in nature, and firmly rooted in the unparalleled spectacle of the alpine mountain region.”Huus-Hotel-Switzerland-Spring

For those who love all things sporty, the luxurious retreat away from the hustle and bustle of urban living boasts numerous expertly guided outdoor activities. Adrenaline junkies can look forward to 250km of slopes and trails in the winter. Come spring to fall, The Huus Hotel entertains guests with biking, hiking and rafting. Like any perfect vacation, there are also options that allow guests to wind down and relax and the hotel does not disappoint.

Huus-Hotel-Switzerland-PoolFine restaurants, a spa that is steeped in both comfort and luxury, and adventure lounge along with a fully fledged family area ensure that the amenities cater to all. With the award-winning Swedish design firm Stylt Trampoli behind the interiors, the hotel blends nature with contemporary elements. The rich, organic tones are coupled with natural and locally sourced materials that bring that feeling of nature into each room.


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