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The most expensive shops in the U.S.


Bundle did a little research project into the most expensive shops in the United States – that is, the stores that have the largest receipts on average.

Oscar de la Renta in NYC that holds the title, with their average customer leaving the shop spending around $3,217.

This isn’t atypical considering dresses in his ready to wear line have price tags from $1,890 to $4,790 (his cocktail dresses can go as high as $10,690).

Coming up second is Giorgio Armani in NYC with $2,881, Loro Piana in Boston with $2,818, Akris in NYC at $2,649, and Maxfield in LA at $2,258.

About half of the shops on their list are from New York City, with Los Angeles coming in a distant second.

Source Refinery29 via Bundle

Most expensive Shops

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