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Would you pay $100,000 for a razor?


Zafirro has launched the world’s most expensive razor, made from iridium and consisting of sapphire blades.

The razors, made from iridium, also have pure platinum screws in addition to sapphire blades, and went on sale this week for a cost of $100,000 per piece.

Iridium is derived from meteorites, and is mainly used by the aerospace industry for components such as rocket engines, where durability is extremely important.

The sapphire is sharpened using ionised particles to create an edge, which is less than 100 atoms in width and 5000 times smaller than the width of a hair.

“Our goal in founding Zafirro was to take a quantum leap forward in razor technology, to build the sharpest blade ever made and make it last forever,”commented Hayden Hamilton, Zafirro CEO.

Available in a limited run of 99 razors, the Zaffiro Iridium was developed by Portland, Oregon-based Bright Light Ventures.

Source: Cosmeticsdesign

Zafirro Iridium

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